Flying High with Yoga

Yoga has always been a relaxing workout and have been becoming one of the popular workout for health-conscious people around the globe. From Ashtanga to Bikram, many variations of this physical, mental, and spiritual practice have gained fans across the world as people grew interested in it. Just recently, a new kind of yoga has been introduce called the Anti-Gravity Yoga. This kind of yoga was inspired by using a hammock and was later develop using swaths of fabric to support the body as practitioners ease into different positions.

anti-gravity yoga

For beginners, yoga is introduced by basic body stretching and correct breathing. Although it may sound very simple, it’s actually complicated once you realize the poses you will be doing in a few sessions but getting it correctly would help you advance in classes. Each time you advance on yoga, the more complex poses you will be doing. The first pose that you should learn it the Sun Salutation which prepares your whole body for the workout. It’s a sequence of twelve graceful poses performed as one continuous exercise.

One example of a basic pose is the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana which means the Bridge Pose. The Bridge Pose is a versatile back bending that you can practice in a variety of ways, depending on what you want to achieve and how you use it in a sequence.



benefits of yogaYoga offers a lot of benefits in our body aside from the things mentioned above, here are a few more on what you can gain in yoga:

  • You can grow taller while decompressing tight joints
  • Burns calories
  • Yoga relieves pressure while aligning the vertebrae
  • You develop the ability to hold challenging poses longer, with correct alignment
  • Yoga also helps you stretch further with less strain
  • Creates better body awareness while increasing agility
  • Great in correcting postures